Wonder : Investing in People

As big of a fan as I was of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I was eagerly waiting to watch Wonder ever since the trailer released. So when Netflix notified me that Wonder was coming to Netflix on 1st October, I knew I had to get right to it. Coming back to The PerksContinue reading “Wonder : Investing in People”

Jab We Met (When We Met) – Love Yourself

Jab We Met is the Bollywood film that came out in 2007 and became an instant favourite for all Bollywood fans. The movie had all the right components to make itself a blockbuster – the right casting, good songs, feel-good element, good plot and strong character development. The script was written and directed by ImtiazContinue reading “Jab We Met (When We Met) – Love Yourself”

Blue Valentine : Time & Us

Around the middle of the story, we are introduced to this one question – How do you trust your feelings when they just disappear like that? This is the key question that addresses the plot and characters of the film. Dean, played by the ever astonishing and brilliant Ryan Gosling, is a child of divorce,Continue reading “Blue Valentine : Time & Us”

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows : Love & Sacrifice

We are into the last part of the Harry Potter series. All the movies prior have built up to this finale. The characters have been introduced and developed and it’s time to finally find out where their fates lie. We have Harry bid goodbye to his Muggle house, to his first room in the cupboardContinue reading “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows : Love & Sacrifice”

Love & Other Drugs : Projecting Your Insecurities

With Jake Gyllenhaal playing Jamie Randall and Anne Hathaway playing Maggi Murdock, talk about an attractive casting. In fact, for Jamie’s character, it is one feature that he is not only aware of, but also uses it to his advantage. He uses his charm and charisma to get his way, especially with the ladies evenContinue reading “Love & Other Drugs : Projecting Your Insecurities”

Hachi : A Dog’s Tale : Unfaltering Loyalty

Being a dog-lover, I must admit that on my first viewing of this film, I cried my eyes out. Not even in a silent crying way, but rather in a whole-body-shaking-bawling-with-tears-while-yelping kind of a way. Only a handful of movies have ever evoked such an extreme response from me. This Richard Gere film is anContinue reading “Hachi : A Dog’s Tale : Unfaltering Loyalty”

Before Midnight : A Question of Compatibility

The third instalment of the Before series is the most different out of the trilogy. For the first time, we see Celine and Jesse interacting with each other after actually having been together for a long time. It is not a story of them meeting one another or reconnecting after years, but of actually seeingContinue reading “Before Midnight : A Question of Compatibility”

Before Sunset : Retrospect

Following up to the highly unique and fantastic Before Sunrise that came out 9 years earlier, Before Sunset continues to follows the story of Jesse and Celine as they meet all this time later. The movie, just like its prequel, is shot in real-time format and is almost exclusively just the two strolling around whileContinue reading “Before Sunset : Retrospect”

The Half of It : Don’t Settle

It is very clear to see the movie inspirations that got us The Half of It. I am indeed talking about To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lady Bird, Call Me By Your Name and Forrest Gump. No, I do not think the combined result is greater than the sum of the individual parts,Continue reading “The Half of It : Don’t Settle”

Begin Again : Challenge Yourself

This musical came out in 2013 and all everyone knew about it was the song “Lost Stars”. Seven years down the line and I am still a little pissed that they gave the best song in the movie to Dave even though the film is about Gretta and Dan. But that’s just a bitter pillContinue reading “Begin Again : Challenge Yourself”