Love & Other Drugs : Projecting Your Insecurities

With Jake Gyllenhaal playing Jamie Randall and Anne Hathaway playing Maggi Murdock, talk about an attractive casting. In fact, for Jamie’s character, it is one feature that he is not only aware of, but also uses it to his advantage. He uses his charm and charisma to get his way, especially with the ladies evenContinue reading “Love & Other Drugs : Projecting Your Insecurities”

The Devil Wears Prada : Adaptability vs. Individuality

I love this movie and it sits right there with “The Intern” in terms of repeated viewings, but I’ll never really understand if we’re all supposed to collectively think of Miranda Priestly as the “Devil” in the film. A character with certain questionable traits, sure, but to go so far as to call her theContinue reading “The Devil Wears Prada : Adaptability vs. Individuality”

The Intern : Influencing Outcomes

Every once in a while, a movie comes that feels like a breath of fresh air, which makes everyone fall in love with it. This 2015 film is the kind that you would love just as much 20 years down the line. It has got an ageless freshness to it and that’s what makes itContinue reading “The Intern : Influencing Outcomes”