Ford v Ferrari : Enemy Within

Based on the true incidents concerning the famous rivalry between the Italian brand Ferrari and the American Ford, is largely an ego battle that transpires a great underdog story. However, from this movie, we learn the events that transpire in the shadows; the camaraderie that ensues between Carrol Shelby and Ken Miles, the father-son story,Continue reading “Ford v Ferrari : Enemy Within”

Marriage Story : Conscious Uncoupling

Marriage Story is a love story about divorce. It is a movie which shows us that no single person is completely faultless. The film picks no sides. Not really, anyways. It just shows us circumstances that can result into things becoming ugly. It shows us how the system is ugly. A notable quote from theContinue reading “Marriage Story : Conscious Uncoupling”

Good Will Hunting : Challenging Yourself

The film that catapulted Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to fame, Good Will Hunting was not only starred in by the young duo, but also written by them when they were just in their twenties. Affleck, just twenty five at the time, was the youngest recipient of the Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay.Continue reading “Good Will Hunting : Challenging Yourself”

Casablanca : A Story About Bravery

Since we have covered La La Land, it was just a matter of time for Casablanca to come up. Seventy-Eight years since its release in 1942, the movie has been able to maintain its impact on Hollywood and on the world of cinema. Considered to be the top most quoted film of all time, CasablancaContinue reading “Casablanca : A Story About Bravery”

La La Land : Consistency is Key

Honoured with being one of the only three movies in the history of Hollywood to have received 14 Oscar nominations, it was seemingly impossible to escape the buzz surrounding “La La Land” back when it released in 2016. So for everyone who is curious about what actually makes this movie great, welcome to my blog.Continue reading “La La Land : Consistency is Key”