Whiplash : Collaborate, Not Compete

This was the first major picture to come out from writer-director genius Damien Chazelle, back in 2014. The movie follows Andrew Neiman, the first year student at Sheffer Conservatory School and his journey striving towards excellence. The movie is a roller-coaster of emotions, with us alternating between rooting for Andrew, pitying him and at timesContinue reading “Whiplash : Collaborate, Not Compete”

Little Women : Celebrating Differences

The second movie to come from writer-director Greta Gerwig, continuing her collaboration with Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, may not be the most original plot, seeing as how it was adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s book of the same name, but it is a refreshing take in comparison to the previous movies that came outContinue reading “Little Women : Celebrating Differences”

Silver Linings Playbook : Accepting your Quirks

This 2012 film, more than anything else, can be called a highly nuanced movie, with great screenplay and even better performances by Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro, but most notably Bradley Cooper, who I think completely takes over the film. The main idea of Silver Linings Playbook is to show how everyone has crazy insideContinue reading “Silver Linings Playbook : Accepting your Quirks”

Lady Bird : Love is Paying Attention

Lady Bird is a coming of age movie with its own fair share of clichés. From having the titular Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson experience an identity crisis and struggles of fitting in, to going through her first heart break and family issues, particularly feeling out of place and misunderstood, the clichés keep on coming. But,Continue reading “Lady Bird : Love is Paying Attention”

Jojo Rabbit : Brutality of War

Nazi Germany and a satirical form of story telling should in no way be able to fit together and work. However, surprisingly, in Jojo Rabbit, they do. And the result is phenomenal. This academy award nominated film is funny, witty, emotional and educational. It is a movie which shows how ugly war whilst barely showingContinue reading “Jojo Rabbit : Brutality of War”

The Devil Wears Prada : Adaptability vs. Individuality

I love this movie and it sits right there with “The Intern” in terms of repeated viewings, but I’ll never really understand if we’re all supposed to collectively think of Miranda Priestly as the “Devil” in the film. A character with certain questionable traits, sure, but to go so far as to call her theContinue reading “The Devil Wears Prada : Adaptability vs. Individuality”

Before Sunrise : The Art of Communication

Who knew that a movie made about just two characters with their story over the span of less than 24 hours could be so interesting! What’s more, the entire film is just the conversations between the two characters. There is no action, or drama or surprise element to this movie. Except maybe the surprise ofContinue reading “Before Sunrise : The Art of Communication”

Inside Out : Power of Metaphors

As someone who does not watch too many animated movies, I did not know what to expect from Inside Out. However, what I definitely did not anticipate, was that the word “genius” would come to mind. Another thing which I never would have imagined, would be how beautifully they explore and explain the depth andContinue reading “Inside Out : Power of Metaphors”

The Intern : Influencing Outcomes

Every once in a while, a movie comes that feels like a breath of fresh air, which makes everyone fall in love with it. This 2015 film is the kind that you would love just as much 20 years down the line. It has got an ageless freshness to it and that’s what makes itContinue reading “The Intern : Influencing Outcomes”

Steve Jobs (Film, 2015) : Confronting Conflicts

When a movie is based on one of the most revered and eccentric personalities of all time, expectations run high. And this only intensifies when you hire Aaron Sorkin as the screenwriter and make the hero of the movie also the antagonist of the movie, at least for the first act. Steve Jobs is veryContinue reading “Steve Jobs (Film, 2015) : Confronting Conflicts”